Sponsor a Student or Group of Students

Labano Academy is seeking Sponsors who are interested in helping out the poor and less privillage in the society. Labano Academy is dedicated to providing top-notch tech education at affordable rates.

However, we recognize that even with our cost-effective courses, some people still cant afford these life changing opportunities. you can help enroll these people either by paying full training fee or paying part of the fee.

Why Sponsor a student or group of studnts?

Transform Lives: Your support will help students break barriers and achieve their dreams, paving the way for a brighter future.

Drive Change: Empowered students can drive positive change in their communities, utilizing their acquired skills for social impact.

Network of Ever greatful young people: Nobody will forget the Man/Woman that paid for his or her tech traning fee in a hurry, these group of people will be forever greatful to you

  • Frontend development 40,000
  • Ui/UX design 40,000
  • Digital marketing 40,000
  • Data Analysis 40,000
  • Project management 40,000
  • Product management 40,000
  • Cyber security 70,000
  • Full stack development 100,000

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