Cyber Security Course

Prepare for a rewarding career with our Cybersecurity Bootcamp, and get ready to unlock exciting opportunities in the world of network security, Learn everything you need to know about cybersecurity. you’ll learn in-demand skills that can have you job-ready...

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What you will find in the brochure

Training Duration: 14 Weeks

Level of deficulty: Beginner friendly

Expected Outcome: From Newbie to Pro

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PRICE: 170,000 100,000

Promo ends: December 2nd, 2023

What you will learn

01Attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities

1. Learn the fundamentals and key concepts around the threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities your organization is likely to face.

2. Learn how to mitigate those risks and protect your organization..

02Architecture and Design

1. Master the fundamentals and key concepts around security architecture and design.

2. Learn how your organization uses various tools and technologies to secure the environment.

03Implementation of Secure solutions

Go through the fundamentals and key concepts around secure protocols, hardware and software technologies, and various use cases to illustrate how they function to keep a company’s assets and data safe..

04Operations and Incident Response

Master the skills to assess organizational security and respond to cyber-related incidents.

05Governance, Risk, Compliance

Implement proper controls, assess risk, and limit your company’s exposure.


At the end of this training, you will be given a re-cognized certificate of training

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone interested in starting a career in Tech, Our educational consultants are here to guide you in choosing the best program that aligns with your career goals.

14 Weeks Training

Learn job-ready skills in 14 Weeks

Our expert instructors provide personalized support to help you master the material in our cyber security training, they will be available to provide tailored feedback and encouragement, helping you to make progress and refine your skills.

Why learn at Labano Academy?

  • A certificate of completion
  • 14-weeks intensive learning
  • 2-Months internship
  • Experience working on real projects with Labano Digital marketing Agency to boost your resume
  • Get full-time, part-time or freelance job opportunities from our Marketing Agency

Course detials

  • Course duration: 14-Weeks
  • Tuition Payment: N170,000 N100,000
  • PROMO END December 2nd, 2023
  • Requirements: None, Beginner friendly
  • Starting Date: December 5th, 2023
  • Only 5 students per Class/Group
  • Read to Register? Make Payment via Paystack, using the link below.

What to expect from a Labano Academy training

Live Virtual Classes

Learn from anywhere you are, All our classes are held online via Goohgle meet

Experienced Tutors

Each expert teaches what they do best, with clear guidelines, true passion, and professional insight in every lesson.

No Missing Classes

We record all our classes, so if you miss any class, you can watch the recording of that class to follow up, we also peer you with others.

Real Projects

Work on real live projects as assignment, Ask questions, request feedback from tutors at anytime of the day, in your class group

Why take this course?

Job opportunities

Cyber Security experts are in-demand, and job opportunities is very high and it is expected to expand and Freelance jobs are eay to get.

Job flexibility

Cyber Security jobs have flexibility in their options for work environments, including remote work, part time jobs, Freelance and full part jobs.

Good pay

Glassdoor estimates that the average salary of a Cyber Security expert in the United States is now over $165,000 as of 2023.

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